Kati Falk-Flores. Composer.


The world of trailer music evolved composer Kati Falk-Flores’ skills beyond her classical training into writing the larger-than-life cinematic music needed for the promotion of Hollywood’s biggest films. 

From the heartwarming piece used for advertising Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns to the dark exploration of humanity used for Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Kati’s music resonates with audiences for its “powerful role in storytelling” and has won both CLIO and Golden Trailer Awards.

While trailer music has given Kati well-earned skill in writing orchestral-hybrid music, emotive storytelling takes the front seat for both her concert works and music for media, just as it did in the violin-feature orchestral work Awakening, commissioned in 2015.

Currently, Kati balances composing trailer music with writing music for indie film projects. 

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