Kati Falk-Flores is an award-winning American composer known for creating emotionally resonant music for trailers, films, ads, and video games. Classically trained, her career start in trailer music evolved her skills beyond orchestral work into fresh sensibilities in hybrid, electronic, and contemporary realms often featuring memorable melodies. 

Falk-Flores’s music has won two Golden Trailer Awards, first for “Best Animation/Family TV Spot” in 2019 for the heartwarming piece used for advertising Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns. This was followed by another win in 2021 for her work Apple TV’s “Memory” trailer for Cherry earning both a Golden Trailer Award for “Most Original Trailer” and a Gold Clio. In Sony’s second trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage (a trailer that has amassed over 51 million views on YouTube) her music was used to support Harry Nilsson’s vocals for “One”.

Falk-Flores has also written trailer and campaign music for Paramount Pictures’ Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, Disney’s critically acclaimed Star Wars series Andor, Apple TV’s The Mosquito Coast and Finch (starring Tom Hanks), Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, and Microsoft’s XBOX: Series X

With her score for the drama Taliban Flower praised for its “powerful role in storytelling”, other well-received drama scores include A Place You Know, and Mind of Thoughts. In addition to writing for media, Falk-Flores has been commissioned for orchestral and choral works, with pieces like  “Hope” and the violin concerto “Awakening” being premiered by the Salina Symphony.

Recently finishing the upcoming feature One Night in Bath starring Sabrina Bartlett (Game of Thrones, Bridgerton) with the additional talents of John Hannah (The Mummy, Black Mirror) and Brian Bovell (Andor, Pan), Falk-Flores is wrapping her first game soundtrack for the metroidvania title The Song of Awakening.

2021 Most Original Trailer

2021 Gold Clio “Memory" Trailer

2019 Best Animation/Family TV Spot

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